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May 7, 2013 by  

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

I say this being a former fatso myself.

He says he did it for his wife and kids, not for his political ambitions. But either way, the political world got a jolt early Tuesday with the news that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had secretly undergone stomach surgery to lose weight.

It either won’t work or he’ll be fucking miserable and constantly trying to munch on something to keep his now-smaller stomach full.

There is only one way to stop being a fat pig, and this is coming from a guy who was a fat pig: change how you look at life.

Here’s one of my first entries on this from 2011:

You can choose folks.  Your choices are a pair of running shoes or an attempt to continue to play with the medical system, which is going to wind up looking and feeling exactly like this:

Screwjob by genesis

If you can’t run for whatever reason, you can find a means of physical exertion you can do.  Swimming is extremely low-impact and accessible to nearly everyone  Yes, that means a gym membership (where there’s a pool.)  If running doesn’t suit you, biking might (I do both.)  If biking and running don’t suit you, walking could do the job.  Oh, and if you’re like most Americans, cut 500 calories a day from your diet.  Using something like Myfitnesspal (free app for Android phones) makes it easy – log everything that goes in the piehole and you’ll quickly realize how fast it all adds up and goes straight to your waistline.

Crutches don’t work.  Oh sure, they make it possible to walk on a broken leg, but they don’t strenghten the leg.  You can use them in the short term but as a permanent fix they fail.

I also said this in early 2012, which is pretty-much the answer:

To get from #1 to #2 I did two things: I cut the crap from going down the piehole — specifically, refined carbohydrates.  I also removed all manufactured fats from my diet (e.g. anything with the word “hydrogenated” on the label); if I want a “butter taste” on something (e.g. microwaved brussel sprouts, which I really like) I use butter, not Frankenfood. I also downloaded the program “Myfitnesspal” for my Android phone and started using it to log my weight, what I stuffed down the pie hole and how much exercise I was actually doing.   It works as it keeps what you’re doing in your face.  It also has calorie and nutritional information for a lot of restaurant chain menu items which makes it easy to consult before you order when eating out — and that makes a big difference.  For those of you who just can’t get rid of the crazy carb stuff, I understand from my research that you can do either low fat and high carbohydrate or low carbohydrate and high fat — both moderate protein (NOT high protein!) but you cannot stuff both high-glycemic carbs and fats in your body without becoming fat.  Since I just cannot deal with the idea of not eating steak or ribs, two of my personal favorite foods, the choice that I could actually live within was easy.

Second, I “moved more.”  Google up “Couch to 5k” and do it.  If you can’t do jogging for physical reasons (e.g. bad knees, hips or ankles) double or triple the distances and get a bicycle.  If you stillcan’t do it for physical reasons then choose swimming (an essentially-zero-impact physical exercise) instead.  There are damn few people who cannot manage the physical requirements of swimming no matter how bad your joints and similar are and it is an excellent form of whole-body exercise.

Christie could eat all the steak he wanted.  What he couldn’t do and still can’t if he wants to get rid of the weight is eat both the steak and the potato.

Pick one or the other but you cannot eat both.  It’s that simple.

Stop listening to the so-called “authorities” on this in the so-called “medical” field.  Ask them the folllowing if you are challenged, since they claim to be “fact and science based”:

  1. For how long have humans been eating processed carbohydrates, grains and hydrogenated oils such as Crisco and margarine?  The answer is a few thousand years for the grains and processed carbs and a few decades for the latter.  They simply didn’t exist before then.  

  2. What is the minimum accepted time frame for evolution to bring about optimal adaptation to a given change in the environment and how does that adaptation take place?  That’s simple too —  it takes tens of thousands of years or more for an organism to adapt to significant environmental change and it does so by those specimens who are genetically unable to efficiently handle that change dying off and failing to reproduce.

These are facts  They are not my opinion nor anyone else’s opinion.  They are hard, scientifically-proved realities.

So by what sort of rubric does anyone in the so-called “scientific” fields of medicine and nutrition claim that hydrogenated oils and processed carbs are not challenges to our biological system that are not part of our digestive system’s “native” DNA coding and most people are by definition not adapted to same and thus will get sub-optimal results from consuming them – or worse, wind up dead!

Notice how the “nutritionists” and “doctors” never entertain such a question and face it head-on.  That’s because they can’t.  Their defense to having to deal with reality is to simply ignore that reality and pretend it doesn’t exist.

But it does exist; adaptation and biological evolution are fact, not fantasy.  You can’t bargain with it.  You can only deal with it or not, and suffer the benefits or consequences.

It is not my place to tell anyone other than myself what to eat or whether to get off their fat ass and move.  That’s up to each individual.  When it comes to people in my household I can put before them the food what I think is best-suited under the above understanding of biological reality, but whether they choose to eat it is up to them.

My thought process has evolved on this.  20 years ago I didn’t give a damn about any of it and hadn’t given it any thought.  I should have; after all Rob Karner was an excellent biology teacher.  Funny how he didn’t talk about any of this, despite the fact that he was (and still is) pretty height-weight proportionate.  Why not?

More to the point, why isn’t this a fixture in our schools?  I don’t know the answer to that question but I do know that if this had been featured in my high school and pushed hard Rosie (the chief cook in our school cafeteria) wouldn’t have had anyone eat any of the crap that she served up.  The same thing is true in our public schools — how many kids would eat that Mac-N-Cheese and fries if they knew the only thing their body could process properly was the cheese!

Sure, everyone talks about the exercise piece and that’s true.  But who’s talking about the food piece?  Nobody.  Why?  Because there are a lot of very rich people who got and stay rich by filling the grocery store aisles with processed crap and even more so-called educators who fill your kids’ mouths with that garbage at school.  They don’t do this to poison you per-se, they do it because it’s cheaper and thus everyone up and down the line get to pocket more of the money that would otherwise go to food in other areas of your life across-the-board.  

That is, this is part of how everyone from businesspeople to politician hide the escalating destruction of your purchasing power.

Christie, of course, is rich enough that he doesn’t care about how much the steak costs and he can afford the stomach surgery — or the quad bypass.  But dead is still dead no matter how rich you are.

In my opinion what Christie has done makes him less suitable as a Presidential candidate, not more.  He has taken the cosmetic and easy way out.   

I can respect a man who says “I know eating steak and potatoes will kill me eventually because I’m a fat-ass, but I don’t care because I enjoy it and the cost is worth the benefit as I see it.”  

I have even more respect for a man who says “I am a fat-ass and have decided to stop eating the potatoes, will keep eating the steak and unprocessed carbs such as vegetables and a modicum of fruits, and will increase my metabolic demand through exercise and get rid of the damned weight.”

But I have no respect for someone who turns to a surgeon and says “fix it” as that requires no will and no change in lifestyle — nothing beyond recognition that he is a fat-ass.

That’s an attempt at the easy way out and that is what’s wrong with American politics and politicians because the “easy way out” is in fact no way out at all and is a road that leads directly to Hell.

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