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New Cooper bearing raises the bar for capacity, long life

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February 5, 2013 by  

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The medium-duty 01E and heavy-duty 02E Series, combined with the extra-heavy-duty 03, high-speed 04 and compact 100 Series, make the Cooper line of split roller bearings the most comprehensive in the industry.

A bearing manufacturer has increased the load capacities of many of its industry-leading split roller bearings to levels higher than any split roller bearings of similar size, with L10 life that is 23% to 135% longer (depending on size). The new 01E and 02E bearings are fully interchangeable with the popular Cooper 01 and 02 Series bearings, yet provide up to 29% more radial capacity and 16% to 90% more axial load capacity.

Like all Cooper split roller bearings, the 01E and 02E Series are completely split to the shaft, which eliminates the need to disassemble all components on a shaft for service or replacement and significantly reduces downtime. The longer L10 life extends uptime even further, with longer intervals between replacement.

The increased life and capacities of the 01E (medium-duty) and 02E (heavy-duty) bearings are primarily due to changes in internal geometry. The new bearings feature the same superior sealing and energy-efficiency as their counterparts in the 01 and 02 Series. They also share the same exterior dimensions, giving users more capacity in the same space. Rugged brass cages make the 01E and 02E bearings suitable for underground applications and other challenging environments. The new design is now available in medium-duty and heavy-duty bearings with bore sizes from 6.5 to 12 in. (160 to 300 mm).


Cooper Split Roller Bearings Corp.


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